Crack the world's third-largest book market by having your work translated into German! If your title is already selling well in English you may want to tap into the huge audience of German readers.

Quality translation is key to success: your book will be up against the work of German authors and
other professional translations. For the text to sound natural in all its nuances to a native speaker, it needs to be translated by a skilled human, not computer software.

To understand all the cultural references the translator should have intimate knowledge of the original document's language and culture, and be a native speaker of the language they translate into. That's because we learn our mother tongue intuitively, not from books in school, and tend to maintain a greater sensitivity of expression in it.

Ideally, the translator should also be a writer. They are essentially re-writing the book in a different language - a creative act and a bit of an art that requires empathy towards the author's voice and a deep understanding of word play.

And finally, the translator should have an established track record of book translations. Amazon reviews of their titles can be read with Google translate to get an idea of the quality of their work.

I have been translating for independent publishing houses since 2013. Born and raised in Germany, I've lived in Canada for over half my life now but keep up my German with regular visits and good books.

I am also a freelance writer in both languages, and a traditionally published author in German. This gives me a great background not only for juggling words, but also for working with fellow authors. I know firsthand the effort, joy and frustration that go into writing a book, and would love to make yours accessible to more readers.